Sacred Geometrics

Portal of the Seven Sisters

Portal of the Seven Sisters


A journey through Morocco and the wonderful architecture of the buildings seen.

The seven sisters Pleiades, seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione.

Starry constellations, the Milky Way, hearing the heavenly words.

Silver Crescent and Golden Orb come together to descend into the House of Man.

And the house is entered via the portal crowned by eights and nines.

Paths of dark and light seemingly different but in truth one and the same.

By union and union alone shall you pass through.



dimensions of original : 18" x 29" (46cm x 74xm)

time taken to create : 9 months (320+ hours)

medium : acrylic inks on canvas

First Edition

availability : fine art giclée reproduction to original size

limited edition : 64

media : canvas - archival quality acid free

price : Price On Application

Second Edition

availability : fine art giclée reproduction to 2/3 original size

limited edition : 108

media : fine art paper - archival quality acid free

price : Price On Application


"What is a door? It constitutes a passing from one situation to another, a transition; this can be viewed lightly in a purely mechanical sense, or taken in the seriousness that a change of consciousness demands. The entrance to a sacred place at any time in human history was a matter of great import. It necessitated an effort of mind and heart; to leave behind the petty concerns of daily life - the debts and indebtedness, the desires for material gain, the frustrations, the jealousies, suspicions, meanness and deceit. This was a form of cleansing of inner attitude:  from a self-centred to a cosmic-centred attitude, from a self-justified arrogance to one of humility and submission to the will of God. The doorway, as the symbol of threshold, is the most appropriate place for the context of sensible geometry to affect a man's perceptual awareness and remind him of the greater values that one might expect to experience on entering either another situation or state of consciousness."

Keith Critchlow : Islamic Patterns : an analytical and cosmological approach






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